Neuroscience Graduate Program Course List 

First Year Fall Semester Courses:
All first year students are expected to enroll in the following classes:

BIMS 5012                BIMS Core                                                                                             
NESC 8010               Neuroscience Seminar                            
NESC 8080               Student Seminar                                  
NESC 8150               Intro to Research/lab rotation                

Total Fall Semester Credits                  12 topical credits

First Year Spring Semester Courses:

Bootcamp: spanning several days and covering electrophysiology, mouse models, behavioral tests, microscopy, etc...


Neurophysiology, Neuroanatomy, Neuropathology, Glia, Neurodevelopment


Neuroimmunology; Immunology

Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology; Modern Neurophysiological Tools

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Neuroscience; Methods in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Neuroscience


NESC 8020               Neuroscience Seminar                                                             2 credits
NESC 8080               Student Seminar                                                                     1  credit

Total Spring Semester Topical Credits      12 topical credits
Total First year credits for student should be 24 credits

Students should be thinking about selecting a mentor from their lab rotations.  This decision should be made by the end of April and the BIMS form turned into the NGP-BIMS program coordinator.


Second year Coursework:
The new modular system of classes will offer the second year student the opportunity to individualize that student's learning plan as appropriate for their research.

Second Year Fall Semester Courses:
All second year students are expected to enroll in the following classes:

NESC 8010               Neuroscience Seminar                                                            2 credits
NESC 8080               Student Seminar                                                                    1 credit
NESC 8150               Intro to Research/Lab Research                                             2 credits

Second Year Spring Semester Courses:
All second year students are expected to enroll in the following classes:

MICR 8380                Practical Use of Statistics                       2 credits
BIMS 7100                Research Ethics                                      1 credit
NESC 8020               Neuroscience Seminar                            2 credits
NESC 8080               Student Seminar                                     1 credit
NESC 8160               Intro to Research /Lab Research            2 credits


Graduate Records from other programs that have courses available to take as electives.  These courses may or may not be offered regularly so please check the Course Offering Directory (COD) for scheduling.