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The faculty of the Neuroscience Graduate Program has primary appointments in School of Medicine basic science departments such as Pharmacology and Cell Biology, clinical departments such as Anesthesiology and Neurology, and the College of Arts and Sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. This broad range of faculty allows for dynamic, cross-disciplinary training in a variety of basic and translational neuroscience research areas studying the normal and pathological structure and function of the nervous system:



A unique feature of the Neuroscience Graduate Program is the active role our students play in the workings of the program, with student representation on committees for recruiting, education, seminars and even selection of the program director. Students in the Neuroscience Graduate Program are involved in active research programs, journals clubs, outreach programs (Brain Awareness Week) and seminars.  Our students attend and present their research at regional, national and international scientific conferences. Our graduates have successful careers in a variety of disciplines including academics, teaching, research foundations, industry and scientific editing.