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New Contributor to Age-Related Hearing Loss Identified

March 12, 2019

Read more about how Jung-Bum Shin, PhD (NGP, Department of Neuroscience) and Ting-Ting Du, PhD, a postdoctoral Read More

NIH Salutes UVA Brain Discovery in List of 2018’s Most Promising Medical Advances

January 22, 2019

A University of Virginia School of Medicine discovery about the role of the brain’s cleaning system in aging and Alzheimer’s disease has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health as one Read More

Antoine Louveau, Jonathan Kipnis Sandro da Mesquita, Harry Moxley

"UVA Brain Discovery Could Block Aging’s Terrible Toll on the Mind"

July 30, 2018

Dr. Jonathan Kipnis (Chair, Department of Neuroscience & NGP faculty)  and lab members are featured in a Read More

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